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Lecture at Tsinghua University: Robots, Drones and Security

News And Articles  26 Mar 2018

Presentation by Dr Adnan Niazi on the 30th March 2018 at Tianjin University in China. More information can be found on our R&D page.

One of the aims of security deployment is to protect life and property. In a public space, the level of perceived threat is amplified due to the uncertainties involved. Public protection in such an environment not only relies on corrective but preventive actions also.

Preventive strategies count on deterrence and surveillance protocol designed on intelligence, and response mechanism. Trained human operatives have traditionally been integral to such strategies but this is becoming increasingly untenable due to complexity of surveillance environment and growing security threats. The limitations of the conventional setup are thus leading a shift from field-based human presence to technology based intelligent solutions. It is therefore increasingly imperative to exploit the advancements already made in the area of robotics and drone technology for the security industry.

The main aim of this lecture is to explore opportunities for commercial exploitation of advancements in robotics and drone technology in the field of security guarding.