Novus Altair


Supported by mobile patrols and 24 hour control room, our alarm response service is swift

Having a reliable security solution in place is vital to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day operations of any business. At Novus Altair we offer you an unbeatable cost-effective key holding and alarm response security solution to relieve the pressure from you of organising key holders within your business. With this effective and efficient service you can rest with the assurance that our SIAlicensed security guards will provide a reliable solution, rapidly responding to any alarm ensuring the absolute safety of your business premises and immediately alerting the police if there are any signs of criminal activity. Our well trained security guards are licensed by the SIA and abide by the Key Holding British Standard BS7984.

As soon as you hand your keys to our security guards, we can guarantee they will respond to any alarm call, attend to any emergency and complete external checks to safeguard against criminal damage whilst ensuring the overall safety of your business premises and staff. You can also be sure that if need arises, our professional security guards will liaise with the emergency services on your behalf making it their business to protect your business premises and staff. We also offer you a detailed report of every alarm response we attend, to guarantee you’re getting the best value for money as well to know that the security solution in place is working and effective.

Without appropriate alarm response security solutions you are not only leaving your business premises severely open to crime but also your staff at risk. So, get in touch with us today and hire Novus Altair’s key holding and alarm response services to make sure your premises is not the victim of unnecessary crime. We guarantee to provide a tailored alarm response security solution at very competitive rates.