Novus Altair


Security guards with special training to deal with terrorism threats

Airports pose one of the most complex security challenges considering the vast sites of operation and thousands of people passing through their doors every single day. Airports present a range of potential security problems and should you have insufficient security in place, these problems can create serious consequences. With terrorist attacks in the rise, airports face highest risk of being a potential target. At Novus Altair we offer very comprehensive airport security services that will encompass a wide range of airport facilities and ensure it’s security. 

Novus Altair is a SIA approved security service contractor and all our security guards and officers are screened according to BS 7858. Our well trained professional security guards operate to the highest standard of BS 7499. We provide experienced door supervisors who abide by the British Standard BS 7960. Our professional airport security guards and officers can provide quality security service that is second to none.

Having undergone vigorous training, vetting and assessments our airport security guards can provide effective and efficient security services. We understand that when it comes to sites as vulnerable as airports nothing less than the best will do. We provide a range of security services specifically designed for airports:

  • Ensure Public Safety & Improve Passenger Experience
  • Reduce Operational Risks & Costs
  • Deter Criminal Activity
  • Perform Patrols of Specified Areas
  • Implement Access Control

Our airport security officers understand, how the effects of just one incident can disrupt the smooth running of your operations. We know that delays and obstructions can not only lead to frustrated passengers but also cost you millions in lost revenue. This is why at Novus Altair we will work with you to design and implement a comprehensive airport security solution that will ensure the smooth operation of the airport. We will improve the overall safety of your airport, by patrolling vulnerable areas and responding to any incidents instantly.

So hire well trained airport security guards from Novus Altair and put your mind at ease by ensuring the welfare of your staff, passengers and premises. So call us today to see how we can establish and implement a robust airport security solution that is both effective and economical.