Novus Altair


We will keep your premises keys safe

Novus Altair Limited is ISO 9001 Certified and SIA Approved Contractor for the provision of Key Holding Services. We provide standard Key Holding Servicedesigned to provide cost-effective solutions to secure your premises when needed. The services include holding keys to your premises and responding to any alerts or incidents as notified by the police. If an alarm is activated on your site, we will be notified by the police and one of our mobile drivers will attend the site immediately to deal with the incident, check for intruders and re-set the alarm.

Activation and site visit reports are left on your premises outlining when our drivers arrived on the scene, what they had to deal with and how long they were there for.

We can also provide Key Holder Escort service for your members of staff. In the event of alarm activation on your premises one of our security officers can meet your dedicated member of staff at an agreed location. The security officer will accompany the staff member to check the premises, plan and execute further actions as required and re-set the alarm. The presence of our trained officers means reducing risks for your members of staff from potentially dangerous or worrying situations.