Novus Altair


Event security services to suit a wide range of events

Security is an essential part of any event and can mean the difference between success and failure for your special occasion. Ensuring that you hire qualified, professional event security staff is crucial and this is where we can help you. All staff are SIA trained and we can supply security guards and personnel to your exact specifications.

Our event management guards are fit, active and highly trained for a variety of events. They are easily identifiable through their uniforms and are fully versed with their duties. They are able to perform their duties confidently and effectively. They are also conversant with assisting the public with any queries about the event and its facilities and know what to do in case of an emergency.

Our highly trained event management staff are not only able to efficiently deal with an incident when it occurs but are also able to recognize the signs before it does happen and take preventative actions accordingly. We can offer:

  • Crowd control and management
  • General supervision of entrances and exits
  • Access control to entertainment and activities
  • Car park supervision
  • General security of unauthorized areas