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Enjoy music with our peace of mind concerts security

Concerts come in a whole variety, from classical music concerts to heavy metal rock concerts. There’s a concert out there which appeals to every type of audience. Every concert brings in a different fan base which is one of the reasons why it’s so important that you employ a top concert security service to ensure the security of the venue, guests and fans.  When it comes to concert security solutions here at Novus Altair we never presume anything. We can provide a highly efficient concert security solution that is easily adaptable to any situation. 

At Novus Altair we’ll work with you to establish your individual requirements for the concert you are organizing and we will tailor our concert security solution to match those requirements. Safety of all of your guests and fans is our priority. After all the last thing on your guests’ minds is going to be about the safety. This is why it is important that you hire experienced concert security guards and officers to ensure their safety. 

Novus Altair is a SIA approved security service contractor and all our security guards and officers are screened according to BS 7858. Our well trained professional security guards operate to the highest standard of BS 7499. We provide experienced door supervisors who abide by the British Standard BS 7960. Hence, at Novus Altair, you get a concert security service at the highest standard, which is guaranteed to be value for money.  

As part of the concert security solution we offer:

  • Front of house security
  • Static security
  • Mobile security patrols
  • Crowd control
  • Emergency planning procedure
  • Emergency service liaisons
  • Evacuation mapping and method
  • CCTV surveillance

You could have the most popular singer and the most popular band but it will all account to nothing if your concert turns violent. All it takes is just one unwanted guest or one drunken outburst and the great experience your guests were planning on having is completely ruined and turned into chaos.

This is why our concert security guards and officers are trained and qualified in dealing with a whole host of situations to ensure your concert never gets out of control. We will work with you to establish your security concerns for the particular concert you are planning for and we’ll devise a suitable security strategy that is both economical for you and serves the purpose. Our concert security officers will professionally and efficiently follow the devised security strategy, whilst demonstrating great customer service skills to ensure your guests never feel threatened by our security presence.

So if you want your concert to be enjoyable and talk of the town for all the good reasons, hire concert security services from Novus Altair. Call us today and see how we can support you with security whatever your plans for a concert all the way.