Novus Altair


Our SIA licensed security guards can deal with goods movement and control access

As a warehouse it’s imperative that the valuable stock you’re housing stays safe and in perfect condition. Keeping your stock monitored and securely housed at all times will give you the satisfaction that your premises won’t fall victim to vandals and thieves. At Novus Altair we supply trained warehouse security guards. 

Warehouses are often located in remote industrial areas which can make for an easy option for those trying their luck at a freebie. But, at Novus Altair no matter how vast or remote your warehouse is, we will not let this be the case. Our experienced warehouse security guards will patrol the entire site to ensure it’s security as well as monitor your access points. 

Novus Altair is a SIA approved security service contractor and all our warehouse security guards and officers are screened according to BS 7858. Our well trained warehouse security guards operate to the highest standard of BS 7499. We provide experienced door supervisors who abide by the British Standard BS 7960. Our trained warehouse security guards and officers can provide quality security service that is second to none.

With a combination of robust security systems and carrying out warehouse security patrols of your site our warehouse security guards can ensure that your goods are never at risk.

Here at Novus Altair we can provide you with robust warehouse security for your warehouse site so that you enjoy a more secure, safe and effective operation. We will work with you to identify your specific security requirements and implement a comprehensive warehouse security solution that best suits those requirements within your budget. We offer the following warehouse security services which can be tailored to suit your exact needs:

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Prevention of intruders
  • Ensuring safety of goods and inventory
  • Supervision of vehicles on your warehouse premise
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Delivery handling
  • Foot patrols and random inspections

If you want to invest in warehouse security then talk to us today and we will guarantee to provide a robust warehouse security solution for you at very competitive rates.