Novus Altair


Keep your guests safe with our VIP personal security

A variety of Conferences, from Technology to Civil Rights are held in the UK all year around. Huge crowds attend these events. Celebrities, activists, scientists and politicians attend as guests.  Hence, as the conference organizer, you have the responsibility to create an environment which is safe, relaxing and professional to give your guests that sense of comfort they need to enjoy the event. There’s nothing worse than holding a conference which not only you feel is not adequately secured and out of control but that your guests recognise it too. This sense of chaos will undoubtedly tarnish your entire conference and your reputation. AtNovus Altair we have devised a comprehensive range of conference security solutions which will ensure the safety and security of the venue and guests leaving nothing to chance.

Novus Altair is a SIA approved security service contractor and all our security guards and officers are screened according to BS 7858. Our well trained professional security guards operate to the highest standard of BS 7499. We provide experienced door supervisors who abide by the British Standard BS 7960. Hence, our security guards and officers can provide quality security service that is second to none.

When it comes to conference security we know there’s no room for error considering the huge crowds attending such events. Our well experienced security guards and officers can carry out patrols, man your doors and ensure that no uninvited visitors disturb your conference that you’ve worked so hard to put together. Our professionally trained security officers excel in customer service skills and can provide meet and greet service as well.

We offer the following conference security services:

  • Front of house security
  • Static security
  • Mobile security patrols
  • Emergency planning procedure
  • Emergency service liaisons
  • Evacuation mapping and method
  • CCTV surveillance

So if you are organizing a conference big or small, contact us today, and we will provide you the best possible conference security service tailored to suit your specific security requirements at very reasonable rates.